Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Facilitated by Susanne North, Wellbeing Practitioner and certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


Susanne North is a Wellbeing Practitioner

Where: human repair shop, 2 Hooper Lane, Randwick

Fee: to be advised

When: to be advised



About this event

Have you ever felt disconnected or unsure of yourself and are yearning to reconnect with your true self again?

Then join us at the human repair shop for a 4 week introductory mindfulness and meditation course that is designed to help silence our inner busy noises and find inner peace and quiet. So you can be the best you on your terms.

This workshop presents a great opportunity to experience a greater sense of connection, self acceptance and learn resilience building tools to help you move forward.

Understanding what is mindfulness and meditation

Exploring both ancient and modern evidence based neuroscience/psychology ways of mindfulness and meditation practices. Learning the fundamentals of reconnecting with breath work 

Mindfulness of the Body

The introduction of the body scan as a practice that helps to bring relief from pain, bringing us ease, a healthier body awareness and greater connection to self.

Mindfulness of Emotions

Learn how to be able to deal with challenging emotions and situations in a healthier way without getting swept away. Develop sound self-regulation and coping skills that will grow your wellbeing and resilience.

Mindfulness of Thoughts

Using mindfulness and meditation practices to better relate to negative thoughts and self-talk without becoming entangled in them.

What others had to say:

“Susanne’s teaching is welcoming, inclusive, non-judgemental and nurturing. I love the mix of teachings, latest scientific insights, the diversity of practice and the discussion at the end. Always inspiring and insightful.” Marita

“Mindfulness & Meditation practice has given me a tool to relate to life in a healthier manner.” Sandy

“Susanne has provided us with a toolkit that helps me to navigate challenges and difficult relationships.” John

“I am able to let go of negative thoughts much easier.” Vivian

“Susanne’s workshops provide a wonderful mix of teachings, practices, relaxation and Q&F.” Sandy

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